DarkFun 3: Dark Energy from Fundamentals

Berkeley Lab
January 19, 2007
1:30-5:30, Building 2-100B

Fundamental theory is confronted with observations of an accelerating expansion of the universe. The physics is unknown, possessing the characteristics of a strongly negative effective equation of state and spatial smoothness, but may arise from either a new physical component of the universe or new physical laws of gravity. We hope to challenge our thinking of what are testable, benchmark models for the acceleration and what future dark energy experiments should be like.


This is the third in the DarkFun series of mini-workshops. These are small, invited gatherings with focused talks and informal discussion. Previous editions were:

Thanks to everyone who attended! We had a very active group of about 50 people attending, from Berkeley, Davis, and Stanford, contributing to lively discussions.

Refreshments provided courtesy of the SNAP Collaboration