Community Memos for Snowmass 2001
Yellow Book on Dark Energy:

Section 1: The Puzzle and Nature of Dark Energy Section 3: Supernova/Acceleration Probe (SNAP)
Section 2: Studying Dark Energy with Supernovae Ia Section 4: Experiment Options


Editor: Eric Linder (Berkeley Lab)
[Further dark energy resources]

Section 1: The Puzzle and Nature of Dark Energy

Importance of Discovering the Nature of Dark Energy Steven Weinberg [ps, pdf]
Centrality of Understanding Vacuum Energy DensityFrank Wilczek [ps, pdf]
Importance of Knowing if the Cosmological Constant is Constant Edward Witten [ps, pdf]
Vacuum Energy: A Naturalness Challenge John Ellis [ps, pdf]
Dark Energy and the Preposterous Universe Sean Carroll [ps, pdf][also slide talk]
Dark Energy and the New Cosmology Michael Turner [ps,pdf]
Importance of Measuring the History of Expansion of the Universe Eric Linder, Saul Perlmutter [ps, pdf]
Constraints on Dark Energy and Its Models Dragan Huterer, Eric Linder, Jochen Weller [ps, pdf]
Complementary Probes of Dark Energy Josh Frieman [Powerpoint, pdf]
Comments on Dark Energy Experiments Tim McKay [Powerpoint, pdf]
Astro/Cosmo/Particle Experiments Tim McKay [Powerpoint, pdf; Snowmass E6 summary]
Overview of Supernova Cosmology To Date Saul Perlmutter, Eric Linder [ps, pdf]
Overviews of SZ Effect and Dark Matter Jim Siegrist [pdf]
Dark Energy and the CMB Martin White [ps, pdf]
Weak Gravitational Lensing by Large-Scale Structure Alexandre Refregier [Powerpoint, pdf]
Weak Lensing from Space with SNAP Alexandre Refregier et al. [Powerpoint, pdf]
The Lyman-Alpha Forest as a Probe of Cosmology Rupert Croft [ps, pdf]
Number Counts as a Probe of Cosmology Dragan Huterer, Jeffrey Newman [ps, pdf]

Section 2: Studying Dark Energy with Supernovae Ia

Hubble Diagram and Cosmology Measurements Martin Goliath, Dragan Huterer, Eric Linder [ps, pdf]
Magnitude Systematics and Cosmological Parameters as a Function of z Alex Kim et al. [ps, pdf]
Redshift Errors and Measurement of Cosmological Parameters Alex Kim [ps, pdf]
Type Ia Supernovae as Standard Candles David Branch [ps, pdf]
Observational Diversity among Type Ia Supernovae David Branch [ps, pdf]
Nearby Supernova Factory Greg Aldering, Reynald Pain [ps, pdf]
Theoretical/Phenomenological Understanding of Supernovae Eddie Baron [ps, pdf]
Coping with Type Ia Supernova "Evolution" when Probing the Nature of the Dark Energy David Branch, Saul Perlmutter, E. Baron, Peter Nugent [ps, pdf]
Cosmology from Type II Supernovae Peter Nugent [ps, pdf]
Multi-Color Light Curve Measurements Anne Ealet et al. [ps, pdf]
Measuring the Properties of Dust with High-redshift Supernovae Ariel Goobar, Lars Bergström, Edvard Mörtsell [ps, pdf]
Determining the Fraction of Compact Objects Using Supernova Observations Ariel Goobar [ps, pdf]
SNAP and Multiply-imaged Supernovae Daniel Holz [ps, pdf]
Effect of Photometric Errors on Cosmological Parameters Stuart Mufson, Nick Mostek [pdf]
Spectral Features Stuart Samuel [ps, pdf]
SNAP Type Ia Supernova Trigger Alex Kim, Jodi Lamoureux, Shawn McKee [ps, pdf]

Section 3: Supernova/Acceleration Probe (SNAP)

SNAP: An Experiment to Measure Properties of the Accelerating Universe SNAP collaboration [ps, pdf]
SNAP: Presentation to NRC's Committee on Physics of the Universe Saul Perlmutter [pdf]
SNAP Technical Design Highlights Michael Levi [Powerpoint, pdf]
Point Source Sensitivity Table for SNAP Gary Bernstein [pdf]

Section 4: Experiment Options

Looking for Dark Energy Right Now Peter Garnavich [ps, pdf]
Supernova Studies with LSST + Other Observatories Alex Kim [ps, pdf]
Advanced Exposure Time Calculations Gary Bernstein [ps, pdf]

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