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Observing Information

Spring 2002

Go to the Mar/Apr/May 2002 Search Finding Charts Page

Search and Follow-up Plan

Spring 2001

Go to the CFHT/CTIO Mar/Apr 2001 Search Finding Charts Page

May 2000

Go to the CFHT April/May 2000 Search Finding Charts Page

October 1999

BTC, April 1999 (Don, look here)

BTC December 1998

October 1998 Candidates

CFHT, evening of October 16

The 23h field finding chart with Keck fields and the position of Albinoni indicated: 23:20:15+16:03:00_030.fct.ps.

Click Here to see the directory with spectral finding charts, etc.

What is below is older finding charts used for previous followup runs of these SNe:

The 23h field finding chart: CFHT-23h-oct16.fct.ps.gz

The 5h field finding chart: CFHT-5h-oct16.fct.ps.gz

A spectral finding chart for Richard Strauss. Offsets to five nearby stars are given in linear arcseconds. You may wish to check star-to-star offsets to verify pointing accuracy: StraussSpec.ps.gz

March 1998 Candidates

Priority list for the WIYN Queue run after 1998 April 20

Information for Chris Lidman, 1998 April 23 BTC Run:

March 1998 Finding Charts

  • Overview Finding Charts: These two postscript files each show a 2 degree by 2 degree region of the Palomar Sky Survey, with the coordinates of our supernovae plotted thereon. Followup BTC fields for CTIO are indicated.

  • BTC Finding Charts: Individual finding charts for each of the BTC fields indicated on the overview finding charts.

  • The following table has links to the various finding charts. The "Position Angle" column has desired position angles (east of north) for putative spectroscopy. All Postscript files have been compressed with gzip.

    CandidateFinding ChartZoom Position Angle
    984 984_fct.ps.gz 984_zoom.ps.gz 122
    9811 9811_fct.ps.gz 9811_zoom.ps.gz 12
    9819 9819_fct.ps.gz 9819_zoom.ps.gz 50
    9823 9823_fct.ps.gz 9823_zoom.ps.gz 96
    9827 9827_fct.ps.gz 9827_zoom.ps.gz 16
    9832 9832_fct.ps.gz 9832_zoom.ps.gz 173
    9834 9834_fct.ps.gz 9834_zoom.ps.gz 145
    9835 9835_fct.ps.gz 9835_zoom.ps.gz
    9841 9841_fct.ps.gz 9841_zoom.ps.gz 127
    9847 9847_fct.ps.gz 9847_zoom.ps.gz
    9848 9848_fct.ps.gz 9848_zoom.ps.gz
    9849 9849_fct.ps.gz 9849_zoom.ps.gz 49
    9851 9851_fct.ps.gz 9851_zoom.ps.gz
    9853 9853_fct.ps.gz 9853_zoom.ps.gz
    9855 9855_fct.ps.gz 9855_zoom.ps.gz
    9857 9857_fct.ps.gz 9857_zoom.ps.gz
    9862 9862_fct.ps.gz 9862_zoom.ps.gz
    9869 9869_fct.ps.gz 9869_zoom.ps.gz 55
    9878 9878_fct.ps.gz 9878_zoom.ps.gz 11
    9884 9884_fct.ps.gz 9884_zoom.ps.gz
    9887 9887_fct.ps.gz 9887_zoom.ps.gz 21
    9898 9898_fct.ps.gz 9898_zoom.ps.gz
    98104 98104_fct.ps.gz 98104_zoom.ps.gz 142
    98104 98104_fct.ps.gz 98104_zoom.ps.gz
    98109 98109_fct.ps.gz 98109_zoom.ps.gz 34
    98114 98114_fct.ps.gz 98114_zoom.ps.gz 81
    98122 98122_fct.ps.gz 98122_zoom.ps.gz 4
    98124 98124_fct.ps.gz 98124_zoom.ps.gz
    98125 98125_fct.ps.gz 98125_zoom.ps.gz
    98132 98132_fct.ps.gz 98132_zoom.ps.gz
    98134 98134_fct.ps.gz 98134_zoom.ps.gz
    98135 98135_fct.ps.gz 98135_zoom.ps.gz
    98136 98136_fct.ps.gz 98136_zoom.ps.gz
    98138 98138_fct.ps.gz 98138_zoom.ps.gz
    98140 98140_fct.ps.gz 98140_zoom.ps.gz
    98141 98141_fct.ps.gz 98141_zoom.ps.gz
    98142 98142_fct.ps.gz 98142_zoom.ps.gz
    98143 98143_fct.ps.gz 98143_zoom.ps.gz
    98144 98144_fct.ps.gz 98144_zoom.ps.gz
    98147 98147_fct.ps.gz 98147_zoom.ps.gz
    98149 98149_fct.ps.gz 98149_zoom.ps.gz

    December 1997 Candidates

    December 1997 Finding Charts

    Previous Semesters' Supernovae

    Papers and Other Information

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