Junk 04

Keck ESI Data files:

Date: 22 April 2001
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Isobel
Weather note:
Reduction notes.
Preliminary reduction: [asc] [fits] [ps]


Isobel (preliminary ESI): SN at z=0.56 looks OK. Possibly OII at z=0.548? But z=0.37 also looks good!

Andy (preliminary ESI): I think this is a Ia at z=0.56. I think this matches better than z=0.37. See my median-smoothed comparison to SN 1990N at -7d: junk04.90n.m07.ps. I don't think junk04 is that early but we don't have a spectrum of 90N at maximum.

Light curves
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