SCP Collaboration Meeting

28 Nov 2001 8:30 - 11:30 PST


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8:30 0:10 News items
8:40 0:15 (Tony, Reynald, Chris, Isobel, Pilar,et al.)  Spring 2002 Observing Schedule: What is known so far DRAFT
8:55 0:05 R. Pain The Distant Type Ia Supernovae Rate (status of reply to referees)
9:00 0:10 K. Schahmaneche Results from Recent high-redshift Type Ia Supernovae Searches
Analysis Status (including discussion)
9:10 0:25 R. Knop Omega_M and Omega_Lambda from 11 HST-Observed Supernovae at z=0.36--0.86   Rob's e-mail
9:35 0:15 S. Burns NICMOS Photometry of High Redshift Supernovae 
9:50 0:15 S. Nobili Supernova Type Ia Evolution and Grey Dust: Ground and Spaced Based Follow up of a Type Ia Supernova at z=0.54. Slides
10:05 0:15 P. Nugent Interpretation of high-z SN spectra
10:20 0:15 N. Regnault A New Set of Nearby SN Ia Lightcurves   Slides
10:20 0:15 G. Garavini Accurate Multi-epoch Optical Spectroscopy of 17 Low-z Type Ia Supernovae Slides
M. Sullivan Verifying the Use of Type Ia Supernovae as Probes of the Cosmic Expansion Analysis note
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