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Scientific Papers

Science video (Chichen Itza, January 2012)
Looking to the Skies: Modern Cosmology and the Maya

Seminario público en español (Puebla, Mexico, Noviembre 2012)
La Historia y el Destino de Nuestro Universo

Public Talk video (Science at the Theater, April 2011)
New Light on Dark Energy

Public Talk video (Science at the Theater, November 2008)
Dark Energy Rules the Universe (and why the dinosaurs don't)

Intro Cosmology Lecture (Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, October 2016)
Cosmology and Cosmic Acceleration (pptx)
Cosmology and Cosmic Acceleration (YouTube)

Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation winter school (Mexico, December 2017)
Modified Gravity – Theory 1. Why and What?
Modified Gravity – Theory 2. How?
Modified Gravity – Theory 3. Where?

Starobinsky 70th Fest (Korea, August 2018)
A Tale of Two Accelerations

Supernovae 2016 Talk video (Chile, August 2016)
What Will We Do with All the Supernovae? (When Mark and Nick Are 75) (YouTube)

Public Talk podcast (AstroMcGill podcast, April 2012)
What is (happening in) Cosmology

Textbook web pages for my book First Principles of Cosmology have assorted lectures, exercises, faqs, and discussions on cosmology.

Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation school/conference (Cosmology on the Beach)

Cosmology Study Group: Basic Cosmology Formulas

Lighter Side of Dark Energy: Dark Energy Flowchart / Acceleration Song / To Bin or Not To Bin / 50 Ways to Leave Your Lambda

Resource Letter: Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe
for American Association of Physics Teachers / American Journal of Physics

Scholarpedia article: Dark energy

Interconnections between Particle Physics and Cosmology: (PPC 2015, Deadwood, South Dakota)
Review and Status of Dark Energy

II Jayme Tiomno School of Cosmology (Rio 2012)
Physics of Cosmic Acceleration 1. Cosmic Expansion and Growth
Physics of Cosmic Acceleration 2. Dark Energy as a Field
Physics of Cosmic Acceleration 3. Dark Energy as Gravity
Physics of Cosmic Acceleration 4. Chasing Down Cosmic Acceleration

Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation winter school (Los Cabos 2009)
Dark Energy in Space: The Panoply of Observations
Dark Energy in Theory: The Garden of Models
Dark Energy in your Computer: The Array of Tools

Beyond w: (July 2013)
Chasing Down Cosmic Acceleration

Royal Society meeting: (February 2011)
Model Independent Tests of Cosmic Gravity

Frontiers of Astronomy at Dome A, Antarctica: (Suzhou, July 2009)
Dark Energy in Dark Antarctica

Cool Astronomy Lecture (Invited AAS talk):
Hidden Dimensions, Warped Gravity, and Dark Energy

Education website:
Videoglossary: Gravity

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Community Memos:
Dark Energy in the Next Generation (talks from my session at the April 2003 APS/DPF conference).
Resource Book on Dark Energy (editor). From Snowmass 2001.

Dark Energy FAQ
Dark Energy the Easy Way?
Design a Dark Energy Experiment