This applet shows the scheduled observing runs for the Nearby Search. Runs can be added and removed, and more information for a run or day can be obtained by clicking.

Notes (please read)

LinCal is written in Java 1.1 which is NOT supported by most old browsers. You must run a Java 1.1 compatible browser to view LinCal (Netscape 4.06 or later, Sun's HotJava, etc.). Click here to see what web browser version you are running. If a "method verification error" occurs, the most likely cause is that your browser does not support Java 1.1.

This applet is very slow. It will take a long time to start, reload, and sort; please be patient.

If you encounter any problems (bugs), you can try running LinCal outside of Netscape in X-windows from (if you have an account there):

  panisse> cd ~quimby/j/
  panisse> module load java
  panisse> java LinCal &

If all else fails, here are PostScript files for each month as of Mar 11, 1999: February, March, April, May.
Or if you perfer, sorted by type: February by type, March by type, April by type, May by type.
And finally, sorted by group: February by group, March by group, April by group, May by group.

LinCal documentation

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