Quotes from the "Computing our Universe 99" summer school

"Are you ahead of me?"
"My name is Phil. P*H*I*L"
"I've got it! It's a cannibalistic plot!"
"Canada sucks"
"Can't wait for the HTML party"
"Are you steppin'?"
"Fortran is programmed by psychics"
"Hey, this is frikkin gibberish!"
"He's sooo cute"
"I was trying to charge Ewan... SPLAT!"
"Yeah! Canada f*ckin' f*cked their commie sh@t up!"
"I'm gonna go drink now"
"What about fluid mechanichs?"
"It's not the COKES man, it's the medication"
"So much HAIR!"
"I'm a linear person"
"Whatever force there is is the force there is"
"We've been here for two weeks, uh, and I feel like I've known you for ... 2 weeks now"
"It's like sometimes, a question pops in my head, and I just like, ask a question"
"Who's your friend, besides your right hand?" ... "Well, my left hand..."
"Nobody cares if you like Canada"
"We are sofristicated"
"Thank you Ian, do you mind if I put my mouth on it?"

And a special tribute to tree codes...

"How do you know if your tree code works?" ... "You've gotta do it with particles!"
"I don't know if I trust my tree code yet"
"You can shove your tree up your #@!"
"At least we can play pool faster than your tree code"


Brandon "Edelweis" Allgood, vamp@u.washington.edu , http://students.washington.edu/vamp/
Aaron "Squeaky" Dotter, dottera@carleton.edu
Brian "Cornbread" Gmyrek, gmyrek@briefcase.com
Leslie Hebb, hebb@stsci.edu
Daisuke "Dice" Iono, diono@daisy.astro.umass.edu
Hannah Jang-Condell, hjang@cfa.harvard.edu , http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/~hjang
Nina "the claw" Jansen, jansen@tac.dk, http://www.tac.dk/~jansen
Susan Kassin, kassin@astro.columbia.edu
Phil "Canada" Komljenovic, komljeno@grigio.phys.uvic.ca, http://astrowww.phys.uvic.ca/~komljeno/
Ian Mulvany, p94276@cplab.ph.ed.ac.uk, http://www.ph.ed.ac.uk/~p94276/
Aaron "man-boobs" Sokasian, sokasian@fas.harvard.edu
Ewan Todd, ewan@astronomy.ohio-state.edu , http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~ewan/
Jorge "Georgie" Villa, villa@astroscu.unam.mx