Here we present the square of the inverse error matrix, S-1, used in performing it's $\chi^{2}$ minimizations for the determination of the cosmological parameters in Perlmutter et al. (ApJ, in press).

The table is set up in the following manner: Column 1 -- Supernova number, Column 2 -- Supernova number, Column 3 -- S-1i,j. There is a translation table for the supernovae names and numbers found here.

$\chi^{2}$ is defined as follows (here we are calculating the $\chi^{2}$for the observable $\mu_{ob}$ given the theoretically known $\mu_{th}$):

\begin{displaymath}\chi^{2} = \sum_{i,j} (\mu_{ob}(i) - \mu_{th}(i))* S^{-1}_{i,j} *(\mu_{ob}(j) - \mu_{th}(j))\end{displaymath} (1)

S-1 is found here. In addition, we also have available the square of the error matrix, S, found here.