Spring 1999
Nearby Supernova Campaign
Redshift Information

This is a listing of the redshifts of most of the supernova discovered during the 1999 Nearby Supernova Campaign, along with some brief comments on each supernova.

IAUC name local name redshift delta z host source for redshift comments
1999aa ms002 0.014443 0.000013 NGC 2595 1991RC3.9.C...0000d - 21-cm HI line Excellent coverage. Caught before max
1999ac kait002 0.009497 0.000017 NGC 6063 1998A&AS..130..333T, 21-cm line Excellent coverage. Caught before max
1999ao 99ao 0.054 0.002 2MASXi J0627265-355024 aconley Near Abell 3392 (z=0.055). Caught near max
1999ar nb-187 0.150 ? MSACSS J092016.00+003339.6 Brian Schmidt Caught near max
1999as nb-109 0.12 ? SCP J091630.86+133902.2 Goobar, Aldering, Hook, Dahlen Very peculiar, very bright Ic like event
1999at nb-120 0.027 ? SCP J102311.30+175906 G. Richards, H. Newberg, S. Kent Nicolas claims this isn't a SNe
1999au nb-224 0.124 0.001 WOOTS J085858.01-072209.9 aconley Caught after max
1999av nb-235 0.05 ? GNX 087 Chris Lidman Caught after max
1999aw nb-222 0.04 ? really faint -- "hostless" Must be from SN features Caught near max. Very dim host.
1999ax wise001 0.05 ? MAPS-NGP O_440_2753331 ? Caught way after max
1999be nb-255 0.01887 ? CGCG 089-013 1996AJ....112.1769D Caught well after max
1999bf nb-240 0.24 ? SCP J114952.28-004119.9 Aldering from SN features Dim host took Keck to image
1999bh kait006 0.017205 0.00003 NGC 3435 1991RC3.9.C...0000d, 21cm HI line Caught around 1 week after max
1999bi nr201.3.0 0.123 ? EROS J110115.76-114515.2 EROS Caught slightly after max
1999bk nr212.6.0 0.096 ? EROS J112852.00-121801.8 EROS Caught near max
1999bm nr298.6.0 0.15 ? APMUKS(BJ) B124225.40-061107.2 EROS Caught after max
1999bn nr222.2.0 0.120 ? EROS J115700.46-112638.6 EROS Caught near max
1999bp nr515.2.0 0.077 ? EROS J113946.24-085137.4 EROS Caught near max
1999bq nr245.7.1 0.149 ? LCRS B130416.4-122114 Dahlen,Goobar,Hook