The SCP Computer User Guide: Reading Mail

If you use IMAP4 Mail

In this case, it works just like anywhere else. Point Pine or Netscape or whatever your IMAP4 client is at the proper mail server, and everything should work.

If you use Unix Mail

Both the PCs and the Suns use as their mail server. You can read and send mail from any PC or Sun. If you send outside of the group, it will look like your mail came from panisse. (This is a feature.) Please keep your Inbox trimmed.

Although the PCs and Suns share the same set of inboxes, keep in mind that the PCs and the Suns have different home directories. As such, if you use pine to read your mail and save mail out to mail folders on disk, unless you do something clever with a symbolic link, you will have a different set of mail folders on the PCs and on the Suns. If this makes your head hurt, then always just read your mail from a PC, or always just read your mail from a Sun, and you wont' have to think about it.

Forwarding Mail

Forwarding mail on the Suns will not work!

The mail server is a PC, and thinks that your home directory is your PC home directory. As such, you have to forward mail with your PC account. The .forward file in your Sun home directory will be ignored. Your PC home directory is in /home/lilys/yourname. To forward your mail, create a .forward file there. When you are done, you must issue the command "chmod 644 .forward", your your .forward file will be ignored.

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Last modified: 2000-December-18