Distant Supernova Search Group Home Page

The following is a list of everything we do for the Distant Supernova Search, listed in approximate chronological order, with procedures, checklists, any information we might need (including data) during a given run, results of a given run, analysis techniques, group memos, results, and finally talk transparency figures, proceedings, and articles.

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Please add to this repository any and all files that you think may be useful for the other group members: e.g. memos, instructions, status files for SN candidates, useful data, etc. See the instructions for how to add files to this page.

To-Do List

Updated SCP Task List 2000 -- view and sign up for tasks that were suggested at the June 2000 SCP collaboration meeting.

The to-do list should be added to by everybody, particularly before observing runs. It is located in /home/panisse/www/htdocs/groupwork/misc/todo.txt. When items are completed, don't erase them -- just move them to the bottom of the file under the COMPLETED heading.

Instructions for Adding to This Page

To add files to this repository of group information, first copy the file to one of the following directories:


choosing the directory depending on whether you are adding a file of observing information, finding charts, papers, figures, proposals, etc. Then edit the file /home/panisse/www/htdocs/groupwork/index.html to add an entry of the form

  <LI>  <A HREF="http://panisse.lbl.gov/groupwork/papers/newfile.ps">
This is a description of the new file contents</A>

to the appropriate paragraph. Finally, test the new http://panisse/groupwork/ WWW page to make sure that your changes work! (If you want any further instructions on how these WWW pages are formatted have a look at the Beginner's Guide to HTML.)

NB: If you are unsure about how to edit this index.html file, don't. Just put the new file you wish to add to this repository into one of the following subdirectories that will hold files that have not yet been indexed:


Everybody will then be able to access the files you put there by choosing the "Directory of ______ not yet indexed in this home page" entries in this page.

Saul Perlmutter (saul@lbl.gov)