SCP Executive committee

Papers under internal review:

  • R. Knop, et al.  "New Constraints on  Omega_M Omega_L and w from an Independent Set of High-Redshift Supernovae Observed with HST"
  • G. Garavini et al. "Direct spectroscopic analysis of SN1999aa"
  • G. Garavini et al. "Direct analysis of pre-maximum light spectra SN1999ac"
  • G. Folatelli et al. "Spectroscopic homogeneity of Type Ia SNe measured through equivalent widths"
  • author web page (check here for latest)
  • drafts, e-mail, comment
  • internal reviewers: A. Howell
  • A. Lewin  et al. "Sensitivity to analysis technique in cosmological results from type Ia Supernovae"
  • drafts, e-mail, comment
  • internal reviewers: D. Groom