Preliminary lightcurves

This memo contains a description of the preliminary lightcurve program (March 95). The program does not aim at producing precise lightcurves but should rather be used to rapidly obtain lightcurves for confirmation of candidates to follow-up during the data taking. It can, nevertheless, also be used to get preliminary lightcurves of established candidates (see examples below). Note, that in order to be visible by this program, images must be loaded in the database and reduced.

The program


Preliminary lightcurves of candidates #1, #2, #5, #6 and #7 are shown below. Other will be added soon. For each candidate, the upper plot shows the 1 FWHM aperture counts in units of the reference counts and the second one the APM calibrated magnitudes. When there exist more than one image at a given date and for a given telescope, the weighted mean is plotted. The size of the common uncertainty contribution from the reference sky noise is plotted in the upper plot with the label : from REF.

Reynald Pain ( March 02, 1995