sn9793 spectra

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Data obtained at Keck, 13 March 1997. 2 times 1200s exposures. Data reduced by IMH. [Combined fits file]


9793 [asc] [fits] (row 185)
Not possible to separate SN & host (although they look separable on the finding chart)
OII @ 5023.07 z=0.3478
Hb @ 6549.76 z=0.3474
OIIIa 6747.29 z=0.3476
Ha 8838.58 z=0.3467
mean z=0.347 +/- 0.001
other lines visible: Htheta Heta CaH&K G, Ha NII, SII doublet.

Other objects in slit:

Ap1 [asc] [fits] (row 88)
Ap3 [asc] [fits] (row 270)
featureless ?
Ap4 [asc] [fits](row 279) galaxy
OII, Htheta, Heta, CaH&K, G, Hd, Hg, Hb