sn9781 spectra

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Data obtained at Keck, 13 March 1997. 1800s exposure. Data reduced by IMH. [Combined fits file]


9781 [asc] [fits] (row 184)
OII @5884.22 > z=0.579
Also visible Ca H&K, Htheta, Heta, Hsomethingelse, hg G?
SN features visible.
Separate host extraction: [asc] [fits] (shoulder is the host rather than the SN). Looks pretty awful.

Other objects in slit:

Ap1 [asc][fits] (row 17) galaxy
OII > z=0.458 (OII)
Other lines visible: OIII, Hb, Ca H&K
Ap3 [asc] [fits] (row 244)
Ap4 [asc] [fits] (row 258)
Ha and Hb > z=0.417