sn9760 spectra

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Data obtained at Keck, 13 Jan 1997. 2 times 1700s exposures. Data reduced by IMH.

Extracted 6 objects.


SN9760 (ap4) [asc] [ps]
SN features match well at z=0.657. NB bad sky subtraction at 5577
Some narrow lines visible too from the host [ps plot zoomed in on lines].
Host (ap3) [asc]
z=0.657 (Ca H&K). This galaxy is 6 pixels (=2.6 arcsec?) from the SN. I'm not sure if its the host but the redshifts agree.

Other objects in slit:

Ap1 z=0.491 ? (Ca H&K ?)
Ap2 ?
Ap5 z=0.789 OII + many absorption lines [asc]
Ap6 wiggly spectrum ? Bad sky subtraction at 5577A

[Combined fits file]

Old, quick reductions from telescope [asc] [ps] [fits]