sn9732 spectra

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Data obtained at Keck, 13 Jan 1997. 3 times 1800s exposures. Data reduced by IMH.

Extracted 4 objects. Note: nasty CR in l098 - tried medianing the 2d frames & extracting spectrum from that > 9732_2dx Doesn't make too much difference since have 3 frames & CR gets dealt with anyway


SN9732 (ap2) [asc] [ps]
z=0.427 OII,OIII Hb. Maybe Si feature but only appears when reduce the data one way (combining the 1d spectra)

Other objects in slit:

Ap1 not sure
Ap3 galaxy z=0.121 (Ha, SII, OIII etc)
Ap4 star

[Combined fits file]

Old, quick reductions from telescope [asc] [ps] [fits]