sn97243 spectra

Alternate names:

Data files:

Data obtained at Keck, Dec 1997. Night 1: 300 line grating, night 2: 400 line grating. Data reduced by IMH. Extracted the same two objects both nights.


Ap1: target z=0.768 based on OII and H&K absn (and OIII probably).
Weak Ia features maybe.
Need to subtract some galaxy - sb ?. SN features not clear listed as 'Ia?' in telegram. 97243c_comb_ap1.asc

Postscript files: [combined nights 1 & 2 data, showing host features] [combined nights 1 & 2 data, some galaxy subtracted] [combined nights 1 & 2 data, some galaxy subtracted, smoothed] [night 1 data only ?]

Other objects in slit:

ap2: star ?

Fits files containing both objects:
97243c_comb.fits [combined night 1 and 2 data]
l269c.fits / l270c.fits [individual extractions from 2nd night]
c052cc.fits [individual extraction from 1st night]