sn97226 spectra

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Data files:

Data obtained at Keck, Dec 1997.Observed twice. Night 1: 300 line grating, night 3: 400 line grating. Data reduced by IMH. Extracted one object on first night, two on 3rd night.


z=0.778 ? OII and absorption lines. Now think z=0.777 (IMH 21/6/99)
SN features consistent with that.

Ascii files:
97226c_comb.asc [combined nights 1 and 3] 97226_ac067cc_ap1.asc [night 1]
postscript files: [combined nights 1 and 3] [night 1] [combined & smoothed] [showing host features]
Fits files:
97226c_comb.fits [combined extractions] c067cc.fits [night 1 extraction]

Other objects in slit

Ap1 (night 3 only): faint object (not host)