sn9718 spectra

Alternate names:

Data files:

Data obtained at Keck, Dec 1997 on nights 1 and 3 (30 Dec & 1st Jan) at different sky PAs. Data reduced by IMH.


1st night:
ap1 target - maybe a feature at 6800A ? No clear SN features

3rd night:
Ap3: target. Cant see much in this yet. Combined night 3 data
2nd look (IMH, 21/6/99) Could be OIII and OII at z=0.682.
No SN features though. Poor signal-to-noise.

Other objects in slit:

Night 1:
ap2 brighter gal (not host) z= ?? (has lines) : peter got z=0.53 from 4000 break 97218_l042c_ap2.asc
ap3 too faint (companion to brighter gal) Fits file containing 3 objects for night 1: l042c.fits

3rd night: 2 other objects in slit- (different objects since different PA)