sn97216 spectra

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Data files:

Data obtained at Keck, Dec 1997. Observed on nights 2 and 3. Data reduced by IMH.

Note on reduction: on night 2 I did separate extraction of sn and host since IRAF was messing up the aperture numbers. On night3 I traced the host relative to SN, which worked this time.


SN z=0.592 (single line).
Convincing Ia. Combined SN spectrum matches Ia at lateish times
Ascii files: 97216c_comb_sn.asc [combined nights 2 and 3], 97216_l302c_sn.asc [night 2 only]
Postscript file: NONE YET
Fits files: 97216c_comb_sn.fits [Combined nights 2 and 3], l302c_sn.fits [night 2 only]

Other objects in slit:

Host galaxy z=0.592
Ascii files: 97216c_comb_host.asc [combined nights 2 and 3], 97216_l302c_host.asc [night 2 only]
Postscript file: NONE YET
Fits files: 97216c_comb_host.fits [Combined nights 2 and 3], l302c_host.fits [night 2 only]