sn97195 spectra

Alternate names:

Data files:

Data obtained at Keck, Dec 1997. Observed on nights 1 and 3. Data reduced by IMH. Extracted 2 objects both nights.


Ap1 : SN (brighter object). z=0.466. OII in host?
also OIII & Hb, SN features including SiII.
Ascii files:
97195c_comb_3_ap1.asc [nights 1 and 3 combined]
97195_l243c_ap1.asc [nights 1]
Postscript file:

ap2: host galaxy ? - maybe not associated. 97195_l243c_ap2.asc [night 1]
Fits files containing all objects:
97195c_comb_3.fits [combined nights 1 and 3]
l243c_chop.fits [night 1 only]