sn97190 spectra

Alternate names:

Data files:

Data obtained at Keck, Dec 1997. Observed on night 2. Data reduced by IMH. 4 objects in slit.


Ap4 : SN and host together
z=0.361 based on OII and OIII in host.
Clear SN features including SiII.
Matches a pre-maximum (-7 restframe days) template
slight offset in z - does the template have a non-zero z ?
Ascii file: 97190_l292c_ap4.asc
Postscript file: (this shows match to an at-max spectrum. pre-max matches better)

Other objects in slit:

Ap1 : faint thing
Ap2 : gal, z=0.349 - with wiggles ?! Ascii file: 97190_l292c_ap2.asc
Ap3 :
Fits file containing all objects :