sn964 spectra

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Data obtained at Keck, 24 April 1996 (Perlmutter, Hook, Filippenko & Barth). 2 times 1500s exposures. Data reduced by IMH & Julia Lee.


SN964 sn964c_ap2.asc / sn964c_ap2.fits (Ap2, row 200)
Cant see any features. Telegram claimed z=0.57 !
Now I think I can see Mgb and OII at z=0.580 (Isobel). Horrible CRs in the spectrum.

Other objects in slit:

sn964c_ap1.asc / sn964c_ap1.fits (Ap1, row 120)
sn964c_ap3.asc / sn964c_ap3.fits (Ap3, row 213)
sn964c_ap4.asc / sn964c_ap4.fits (Ap4, row 269)