sn9570 spectra

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[asc] / [fits](ap1)
[asc] / [fits](ap2)
These are extractions of two objects that are merged together on the slit. I (Isobel) am not sure which is the SN and which is the host! I think ap1 is probably the host as it seems to show stronger emission lines, but both spectra show OII & OIII at z=0.453.

Other object in slit

Ap#3 [asc] / [fits]
This object was only in one of the two frames?


Previous info from Rob follows. I (Isobel) am not sure where these ascii files came from so I re-did this object and made the above files.
9570.sn1.keck.951126.asc , 9570.sn2.keck.951126.asc
Date is +/-1 day because I only know the date of the runs. The two spectra may not be identical extractions. Along the spatial axis, the spectrum and the nucleus of the galaxy are blended. I don't know what the extraction includes. The original extractions are, for now, in /home/astro23/deepsearch/keck_done. (This will probably change eventually.)