sn95110 spectra

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First set of data obtained at Keck, Nov 95. / [fits]
Date is +/- 1 day.
IMH: Ascii and fits files were made from IRAF file 95110_sn.imh
z=0.388 based on OII, OIII, Hb etc. SN Ia features at day +2 agree well.

More data obtailed at Keck, May 11 1996 (Hook, Knop, Filippenko, Barth). 2 times 1500s. Reduced by IMH and Julia Lee.


SN95110 host sn95110gc.may96.asc / [fits]
Problem with 5577 sky line (see notes)
Ascii file is a copy of sn95110gc.asc. Fits file corresponds to this.

Other objects in slit:

None extracted