Junk 15

VLT Data files:

Date: 22 April 2001
Exposure time: 3 x 1200s = 3600s
Data reduced by: Chris
Weather note: Thin cirrus to begin with, then clear, seeing ~0.6-3.0"
SN: [asc] [fits]
Sky: [asc] [fits]
Preliminary reductions: [smoothed ps] [unsmoothed fits]


Chris (preliminary): A beautiful type Ia at z~0.58.

Isobel (preliminary): I agree with SN identification. Possibly galaxy OII and Ca H&K at z=0.579. See junk15_snz.ps

Chris (final): SN Ia z=0.58

Andy (final): We can say with complete metaphysical certitude that this is a Ia. It looks like SN 1981b at max at z=0.58, though the Ca absorption at 6000 A at 3700 A rest is somewhat bluer and broader in Junk 15 (we really have to give this a real name). See S01-054.81b.max.ps, which has been S-G smoothed.

Light curves
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