VLT Data files:

Date: 21 April 2001
Exposure time: 2 x 600s = 1200s
Data reduced by: Chris
Weather note: Previously cirrus, now clear, but wind from the North is increasing. Seeing 2.1".
SN: [asc] [fits]
Sky: [asc] [fits]
Preliminary reductions: [smoothed ps] [unsmoothed fits]


Chris (preliminary): Just continuum - probably a BLac.

Isobel (preliminary): I agree - featuress blue thing.

Chris (final): FBT = Featureless blue thing

Andy (final): The SN is at the center of what looks like an E galaxy from the discovery image, so it is probably an AGN. Then again, it could be an early type II if the host is not an E galaxy. See, e.g. SN 1979C at +7 days, SN 1993J at +3, etc.

Light curves
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