VLT Data files:

Date: 22 April 2001
Exposure time: 3 x 1800s = 5400s
Data reduced by: Chris
Weather note: Thin cirrus to begin night, then clear. Seeing 0.6 - 3.0" over course of night.
SN: [asc] [fits]
Galaxy: [asc] [fits]
Sky: [asc] [fits]
Preliminary reductions: [smoothed ps] [unsmoothed fits]


Chris (preliminary): Unknown

Isobel (preliminary): Galaxy lines at z=0.659 (OII, Hb, Ca H&K etc) SN features not there?

Chris (final): SN? OII at z=0.658, H+K?

Andy (final): Doesn't seem to fit anything at z=0.658. The closest SN is a Ic at z=0.22, like SN 1991A. You can see this comparison to the S-G smoothed data at S01-028.91A.ps. Note that the feature at 8000 A (observed) is a trace of H-alpha in the template, which Chopin doesn't have. See comments on Bach below. But I don't even believe this -- I think the spectrum is dominated by the galaxy -- there may not be be any SN at all. Chris made a heroic effort to separate the SN from the galaxy, but I think it is just too noisy to make an ID.

Light curves
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