VLT FORS1 Data files:

Date: 14 May 2002
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Gabriele and Chris
Weather note:
z (gal): 0.912
z (SN): 0.90 or 0.91
SN: [asc] [fits]
line cleaned SN: [asc] [fits]
Andy's Comparison (Cleaned, 5A binned): SN 1989B, -5d, z=0.91 [ps]
Lifan's Comparison: [ps]


Chris (preliminary): Looks like a type Ia at z=0.9. There is an OII line at z=0.912, which is presumably from the host.

Lifan (preliminary): A beautiful pre-max SN Ia at z = 0.9.

Andy (preliminary): I agree that it is probably a Ia at z = 0.9.


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