Keck II ESI Data files:

Date: 8 November 2002
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Lifan
Weather note:
z (gal): 0.928
z (SN):
SN: [fits][asc]
Cropped SN: [asc] [fits]
Line cleaned cropped SN: [asc] [fits]
SN (20A binned): [fits][asc]
Lifan's comparison to 90N (Ia): [ps]
Lifan's 50A smoothed comparison: [ps]
Lifan's 20A smoothed comparison: [ps]


Saul (preliminary): z = 0.928 (galaxy lines, with a SN Ia match possible)

Peter (preliminary): This one has an ok spectrum of a clear SN (but sub-type is a little shaky). The z is from the host at 0.928. It is good for all HST observations and the grism will work as the bright objects miss it with it's specified orientations.

Andy (preliminary): I don't like this one because (a) it looks terrible, and (b) Lifan's fits match at z=0.9, not at z=0.928 where the galaxy lines are. His fits close to 0.93 are very bad. See #21-24 here.

Lifan (preliminary): Concerning Andy's remark that the SN match is off in redshift by 0.029, I do not think this error is significant. In rest frame this difference amounts only to about 0.015, but there are many uncertainties that can explain this error, such as the uncertainties in the host galaxy Types, the spectral template may not be calibrated well, the SN Ia itself may be a bit different from the best matched template, or simply it is matched to a wrong date after explosion. The fits here show that SN 1994D at -03 days @ z = 0.928 gives reasonable fit as well. In general, spectral match to such noisy data is not a well posed question, so it is good to be critical about these figures.

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