VLT Data files:

Date: 7 November 2002
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Chris & Gaston
Weather note:
z (gal): 1.181
z (SN):
SN (Chris final reduction 2): [fits]
SN (preliminary): [asc] [fits]
Line cleaned SN (preliminary): [asc] [fits]
Superfit output file (redshift constrained, preliminary): [sfo]
Andy's comparison (preliminary): [ps]
Lifan's comparison (preliminary): [ps]


Chris (preliminary, not flux-calibrated): Probable SN at z=1.181, [OII] and wiggles that match a type Ia at this redshift.

Gaston (preliminary, flux calibrated): [OII] at z=1.18 (?). Some wiggles.

Andy (preliminary): SN ID not certain -- most matches from program are ~1% SN light. I show 94D at -3d, which had ~20% SN light. Possible, but not at all certain. No Si.

Peter (preliminary): Like above, ok spectrum and a z from host of 1.18. It is good for all HST observations but the grism still needs to be checked out for its PA as there may be bright nearby galaxies running all over it.

Andy (preliminary): Also not convincing, but I think it is slightly better than 071 or 060.

Rachel (light curve): I don't think Peter is totally convinced this wasn't a Ia. A careful analysis hasn't been done to prove it can't be a Ia. Peter might have more to say regarding what is presented in the IAUC.

But, OK. The plot are the ACS points only - but the y-axis is delta_mag from the first ACS point - hence the plot is not on an absolute magnitude scale and is not fixed to the ground-based lightcurve. The dates for each point are:

yr mo dy
02 11 20
02 12 11
02 12 18
02 12 18
02 12 23
03 01 06

Andy: Peter thinks it is a IIP from the light curve.

Chris (Chris final reduction 2): Ia? z=1.181 from [OII]

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