VLT Data files:

Date: 8 November 2002
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Chris & Gaston
Weather note:
z (gal): 1.063
z (SN):
SN (Chris final reduction 2): [fits]
SN (preliminary): [asc] [fits]
Line cleaned SN (preliminary): [asc] [fits]

Gemini North GMOS files:

Date: 9 November 2002
Exposure time: 2 x 1800s
Data reduced by: Isobel & Eric
z (gal): OII, Hb, and Ha at 0.445
z (SN): red object with H&K at z=1.062
SN (Isobel): [asc] [fits] [Gemini format fits]
Line cleaned SN (Isobel): [asc] [fits]
Gal (Isobel): [asc] [fits] [Gemini format fits]
Line cleaned Gal (Isobel): [asc] [fits]
SN (Eric): [asc] [fits]
Line cleaned SN (Eric): [asc] [fits]
Gal (Eric): [asc] [fits]
Line cleaned Gal (Eric): [asc] [fits]
Superfit output file (redshift constrained): [sfo]
Andy's comparison: [ps]
Lifan comparisons: [ps] [ps] [ps] [ps] [ps]

HST ACS data files

Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Rachel
SN: [asc] [ps]
Superfit output file (redshift constrained): [sfo]
None of the below comparisons are good. They are here to show that the SN type is unconstrained by the data.
Comparison to SN 2000H +30d (Ibc): [ps]
Comparison to SN 1980K +41d (II): [ps]
Comparison to SN 1994D +25d (Ia): [ps]


Chris (VLT, preliminary): Probably H&K at z=1.063

Gaston (VLT, preliminary): Some wiggles. Could be z=1-ish

Isobel (Gemini, preliminary): Galaxy: OII, Hb and Ha at z=0.445 SN : red object with H&K at z=1.062. SN features not obvious.

Andy (Gemini, preliminary): I show SN 1999bp (Ia) at +1d, but it isn't very convincing -- if the 7900A feature is supposed to be Ca, it should be wider.

Peter (preliminary): This one has shown no signs of SN in the spectrum but it does look like a nice Elliptical galaxy at a z = 1.062. All HST observations work for it and the grism would be ok since the nearby bright objects miss it given it's orientation. Since it is a Elliptical I would be willing to take a chance on it.

Andy (preliminary): A very bad candidate from the spectrum. The wiggles match at z=0.8 as well as at z=1, and neither is particularly convincing. We don't know whether it is a Ia or even the redshift for certain. If it really is an Elliptical galaxy though, that could put this one over the top.

Chris (Chris final reduction 2): z=1.063 from H and K

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