VLT Data files:

Date: 9 November 2002
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Chris & Gaston
Weather note:
z (gal): 0.606
z (SN):
SN (Chris final reduction): [fits]
SN (preliminary): [asc] [fits]
Line cleaned SN (preliminary): [asc] [fits]
Superfit output file (redshift constrained) (preliminary): [sfo]
Andy's comparison to 99bn +2d (Ia) with Sb galaxy subtracted (preliminary): [ps]


Chris (preliminary): [OIII] doublet at z=0.606 and perhaps [OII] at the same redshift. Confirmed type Ia. SiII at 1 micron is just visible.

Gaston (preliminary): SN wiggles. Galaxy line at 8040 AA. --> z=0.606

Andy (preliminary): I agree -- confirmed Ia.

Chris (Chris final reduction): z=0.606 from [OIII]

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