Subaru FOCAS Data files:

Date: 16 April 2002
Exposure time:
Data reduced by:
Weather note:
z (gal):
z (SN): 1.08-1.10?
SN: [asc] [fits]
Andy's Comparison: SN 1990N, -14d, z=1.10 [ps]
Lifan's Comparison: [ps]
Output file from Andy's program: [txt]


Saul (preliminary): Not beautiful, but rough "match" to S02-002

Andy (preliminary): If I let my program run unrestricted from z=0.4 to 1.2 then it picks this as an Sa galaxy at z=0.46 with negligible SN light. But that can't be right, judging from the tiles. There appears to be very little host light. So the next best fit is SN 1990N at -14d at z=1.1. In fact, as Saul points out, if you plot S02-002 on top of this one, they look very similar. So a Ia at z=1.10 looks likely, but we can't be certain due to the noise in the data.

Lifan: I have reduced the SUBARU data again and the features we saw are still the same. The data are very noisy, so the identification as an Ia has not been improved. I support the idea of getting another spectrum of this SN.


This SN sent to HST ACS.

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