Gemini GMOS Data files:

Date: 17 April 2002 ?
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Isobel
Weather note:
z (gal):
z (SN): unknown
SN: [asc] [asc w/ header] [fits]
line cleaned SN: [asc] [fits]
Comparison (Not cleaned, 5A binned): SN 1991bg, max, z=0.89 [ps]
Comparison (Cleaned, 5A binned): SN 1997dd (Ib/c), unknown, z=0.5 [ps]
Output file from Andy's program using uncleaned spectra: [txt]
Output file from Andy's program using cleaned spectra: [txt]


Isobel (preliminary): This would benefit from some fancy smoothing. Its just possible it has a bump that would make it 0.8ish but I dont know. This has no host and the SN is very faint. Watch out for the 2 gaps between the chips where the spectrum goes to zero.

Andy (preliminary): The fit above is horrible. Nothing is a good fit. I get different answers for the redshift depending on whether or not I use the cleaned (z=0.5) or uncleaned (z=0.9) version of the spectrum. This is not too surprising, because I don't believe any of the fits. If there is any SN signal, I can't see it.


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