VLT Data files:

Date: 12 April 2002
Exposure time:
Data reduced by: Chris & Gaston
Weather note:
z (gal): 0.278
z (SN): 0.28
SN: [asc] [fits] [ps]
Gal: [asc] [fits] [ps]
Comparison: SN 1994D, -3d, z=0.28 [ps]
Output file from Andy's program: [txt]


Chris (preliminary): Confirmed Type Ia at z=0.28.

Andy (preliminary): These data have been run through my program which subtracts off host galaxy and does a chi-sq fit to a library of templates. See results above. Best fit is SN 1994D at -3d, but the SN could be earlier than that given that the Si is so weak.

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