VLT FORS1 Data files:

Date: 12 May 2002
Exposure time: 3600s
Data reduced by: Gabriele and Chris
Weather note: Mediocre conditions (IQ=1.1).
z (gal): 0.541
z (SN):
SN: [asc] [fits] [ps]


Chris (preliminary):

The host is a LINER with z=0.541.

It could also be a starburst galaxy. Without [OII], I cannot tell.. If it is a starburst galaxy, then it should not be variable. If it is a LINER, then it is a AGN, and I would guess that some variablity should be expected. For more, see D. Osterbrock, ApJ, 404, 551. A quote from this paper reads" ... the objects called LINERs form a very mixed bag".

Tiles (cross telescope subtraction)

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