SCP Analysis teleconference Wednesday 19 February

8:30 - 10:30 AM Berkeley ***INPA ROOM ***
10:30 - 12:30 Nashville, (Rob will join ~ 1 hr late)
16:30 - 18:30 Oxford
17:30 - 19:30 Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona

Meeting Plan: The purpose of the meeting in discuss the work plans for three top
priority analysis projects we hope to finish in the coming months. For
these topics, we want to cover what the goals for the coming months are,
what are the main issues, what is being done by whom. We won't have time
to present results.  Saul will facilitate the discussion;  the
people listed can briefly summarize the main issues, but no formal
presentation is requested here.

1. Spring '99 dataset:
Goal: obtain  a fully reduced set of lightcurves and spectra (for future
analysis and papers).

* photometry calibration status: (Val, Brian)
- photometric nights - can they be made available to Stockholm?
- transfer to non-photometric nights
- interpolation for colors
* spectroscopy (Stockholm)
* K-corrections (Stockholm)

2. HST draft:
Goal: finish paper for submission (Rob)

 * analysis checks
  - photometry (Stockholm)
  - lightcurve fits (Gerson)
  - Omega_L fits (Stockholm)
        * text revision (Saul, Isobel, Gene)
  - overall logical flow, readability
  - references (everything properly cited)
  - general editting

3. Albinoni (1998eq) (Greg)
Goal: finish lightcurve and cosmology analysis

 * photometry of NICMOS final refs (Greg, Vitaliy)
 * K-corrections for the F110W filter
 * stretch from the Keck+HST I-band lightcurves
  - inclusion of additional ground-based Keck final refs
  - account for the significant difference between
Kron-Cousins and Keck+LRIS I-band.
 * lightcurve and cosmology fits, including P99 and the lower  redshift HST SNe
4. (if time) Brief summary of other topics in progress.
 * other datasets:
  - ESI spectroscopy (2001A 2002A 2002B) (Gregory)
  - 2001 SNe (ground + WFPC2)  (Julien)
  - 2002 SNe (mostly Subaru + ACS) (Rachel)
  - "orphans"  (Rene)
 * software tools:
  - K corrections (Lifan)
  - spectroscopy database (Andy)
5. Plans and date of next meeting