IAUC 8119, 8120, 8121

From: Mamoru Doi (doi@ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 09:33:38 PDT

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    Hi All,

    It took me a while to send this e-mail, sorry.
    We have had a network trouble since last week.

    As many of you already know, the IAUCs 8119, 8120,
    and 8121 reported SNe found with Subaru last fall.
    There are 13 spectroscopically confirmed SNe on 8119 and 8120,
    and 5 apparent SNe on 8121.

    The IDs are

    IAU SCP Name
    2002km SuF02-025
    2002kn SuF02-017
    2002ko SuF02-001
    2002kp SuF02-071
    2002kq SuF02-002
    2002kr SuF02-060
    2002ks SuF02-065
    2002kt SuF02-019
    2002ku SuF02-000
    2002kv SuF02-037
    2002kw SuF02-077
    2002kx SuF02-082
    2002ky SuF02-055

    2002kz SuF02-028
    2002la SuF02-J01
    2002lb SuF02-004
    2002lc SuF02-012
    2002ld SuF02-056

    They didn't include 4 candidates. Dan Green answered the reason
    in the following way.

    >Thank you very much for the IAUC 8119, 8120, and 8121.
    >I have a brief question about the apparent SNe you have
    >chosen in IAUC8121. You reported 5 apparent SNe out of 9
    >I infer the reason why you didn't include other 4 are
    >the following.
    > SuF-076, 086, 057: too faint (low S/N)
    > SuF-007 : no host
    >Is this right? I just want to know your criteria.
    >Best regards,

    >Dear Mamoru,
    >Yes, we had long discussions about this. We concluded
    >that, for very faint supernova suspects where there is no
    >spectroscopy to confirm them as supernovae and no visible
    >host, it is perhaps best to not designate them as supernovae.
    >Now, if there were enough light-curve data to show
    >definitively that an object displays a supernova light
    >curve, perhaps we could designate such an object, but then
    >we would need to publish *all* of the magnitude data as
    >evidence of this.
    >Kind regards, Dan

    We should describe more details in a refereed paper
    (Some probable redshifts were not included in IAUCs, for example.)

    Also Japanese group would like to have a press release
    through Subaru observatory in about a month. The main issue is
    that the central SXDS field (one Suprime-Cam filed) contains
    12 SNe in one shot.



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